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Our aviation insurance experts bring you instant, best-in-class drone insurance for less – in an app.

Best-in-class drone insurance for less.

AirModo offers drone operators fast, simple, and affordable drone insurance in a single, easy-to-use app. We are committed to providing you with a best-in-class insurance solution that costs less than the other drone insurance providers.

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AirModo. Drone Insurance
Your Way.

Staffed with licensed manned and unmanned aircraft pilots, AirModo understands the ever-changing nature of drone operations and how to navigate its shifting terrain.

Where many business policies contain exclusions for aviation-related exposures, AirModo is designed and built specifically for drone operators.

We know that your priority is to take to the skies, and we want to help get you there with the coverage you need, at premiums you can afford.

Our flexible drone insurance ranges from hourly to worldwide annual premiums for recreation or commercial fliers. Our policies are simple to understand and designed to give you the coverage you require, so you can fly confidently knowing you are protected by AirModo’s best-in-class insurance policy.

We offer better coverage than the other drone insurers, with no additional surcharges for night flying*, and no requirements for flight-monitoring software, labels or tracking devices. You’ll pay the same price for all drones up to 55 lbs in weight, and our policies include medical payments and Personal Injury coverage.

Whether you’re a recreational flier or a commercial drone flier, we know you’re set to explore this brave new world of expanding drone technology, and we want to grow with you. So plot your course, download the AirModo app, and let us worry about the rest.

*For those operators or pilots that have complied with FAA regulations.

AirModo is the new fastest way to get drone insurance.
Instant coverage for recreational and commercial fliers.
Choose hourly or worldwide annual policies.