AirModo introduces usage-based insurance app at AUVSI Xponential

Introducing the fast and simple solution to drone insurance purchase in the United States (and soon, Canada). AirModo gives commercial and non-commercial drone operators the option to pay for policies by the hour or annually – instant and affordable within a single app.

“Best-in-class drone insurance for less, by people you trust, in a single app.”

Since 1928, United States Aviation Underwriters (USAU) have been the experts in aviation insurance, and with the launch of their new mobile app, they have built on that experience to develop a drone insurance product, allowing drone operators to purchase affordable, best-in-class insurance designed specifically for them.

Cue AirModo – the first instant drone insurance app that allows operators to purchase either hourly or annual policies to suit their growing business or hobby. The app, coming soon on both iOS and Android platforms, allows operators to buy insurance for one single drone or a fleet of drones, add multiple pilots, and purchase on-the-spot insurance with the policy documents generated and sent via email once they’ve made their payment.

Formed of not just aviation insurance experts, but licensed manned and unmanned pilots, the AirModo team have spent the past year developing an insurance product created for drone pilots by drone pilots. With their specific needs at its core, AirModo allows pilots to concentrate their efforts on what they do best – fly drones – while its staff keep their eye on the trends.

It’s a win-win situation for drone pilots and insurers. The AirModo app is robust, simple to use, and easy to keep up to date. Commercial pilots have the option of the convenience of hourly coverage, or the comfort of knowing their fleet is protected year-round wherever they fly with the annual coverage option. Recreational pilots only pay for what they need with the hourly coverage option – simply and instantly.

AirModo – drone insurance your way.

The AirModo app will be available to download in Google Play and the Apple app store soon.